Victor Wembanyama Reveals a Move He Would Copy From the Suns’ Star Kevin Durant

Victor WembanyamaKevin Durant and Victor Wembanyama (Image Source: Getty Images)

San Antonio Spurs rookie Victor Wembanyama is one of the most hyped basketball players in the league. However, his team didn’t have the greatest season this year and failed to qualify for the playoffs. This gave the young baller more time to work off-court skills and come back with a bang.

Kevin O’Connor recently interviewed Wembnayama, where the Spurs rookie shed light on many topics. During a segment in the interview, Wemby was asked about his role models in the league, who he looked up to, and what skill of theirs he would like to download into his mind if he got the chance.

Victor Wembanyama named Kevin Durant and Giannis Antetokounmpo as his role models growing up. He then revealed a skill of the Suns’ star Kevin Durant that he would love to know. “Everything he (Kevin Durant) does, even off the ball he is like, this one. It is not really a hesitation because it is so quick but like this one. The microsecond where he stops and that is enough to like take advantage of the defender,” said Wemby. He struggled to explain the quick stop-and-go movement of Durant during offensive plays. However, he gave a suitable name to Durant’s skill that even the Sun’s star would be impressed to hear.

He (Kevin Durant) doesn’t really sprint ever, He just moves very quickly and he’s got that ‘KD timing’ I call it like every one of his movements, Once I have noticed it, it becomes flagrant but it is so hard. I try to do it but I am gonna work on it this summer,” added the Spurs rookie. He named the skill ‘KD timing’ revealing that he would be working on it this summer.

Victor Wembanyama sets new record in rookie season

Ever since Victor Wembanyama stepped into the NBA, a lot of people have been keeping their eyes on him. The Spurs rookie has not disappointed those people in any way or form; instead, he has proven that he just might be the best rookie in the history of the league.

Wemby has been crushing many records lately, and his most recent one is a new one he set. He became the first player in the league’s history to score more than 1500 points, make more than 250 blocks, and score more than 100 three-pointers in a single season. That he set this record in his rookie season further proves his insane potential for the future.


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