Victor Wembanyama Reveals His Plans for Rest of Season as Spurs Suffers From Injuries; Find Out Details

Victor Wembanyama’s plans for the rest of the season might surprise the San Antonio Spurs fans as the rookie from France has made a huge announcement. Let’s find out.


Victor Wembanyama is built differently and there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that he is the future of the league. As the regular season ends, the worst teams generally make their best players sit to make them to avoid any long-term injury.

Occasionally, it stems from being overly cautious. Occasionally, it’s done to safeguard their draft standing. However, poor teams hardly ever field their whole roster in April.

Victor Wembenyama

Injury woes for the San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs were not expected to make a playoff run even without injuries to their key players. However, injuries to the likes of Devin Vassell and Jeremy Sochan, who have already been ruled out for the year, made them one of the worst teams in the league. However, Wemby is not bothered by all this, and he revealed his plans in an interview. The rookie from France had a scary moment few months ago but came out without a scratch.

What did Wembanyama say?

Wembanyama got into an interview with Jeff McDonald and stated: “It is just my mentality. “I made a commitment to this team. I have a responsibility towards the organization, the team, and the fans. So there’s no reason to sit out.”

Victor Wembanyama

Concern regarding Wembanyama

The biggest concern even before Wemby set foot on the court in the NBA was his slender frame. Everyone was worried about whether he could transition quickly to the NBA or not.

From an injury standpoint, a skinny 7-foot-4 center like Wembanyama would usually be cause for concern, but so far as a rookie, he has proven to be very resilient. With five games left to play, he can reach 73 for the season. He has already participated in 68 games. There is a small motivation for the Spurs to lose the final games to increase their lottery chances because they are tied with the Hornets at 19 wins apiece.


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