Victor Wembanyama’s Nike Shoe Has a Unique “A.I.R” Concept Designed by A.I.

Victor Wembanyama’s Nike Shoe Has a Unique “A.I.R” Concept Designed by A.I.Victor Wembanyama (Photo by Tyler Kaufman/Getty Images)

Nike signed Victor Wembanyama after winning the sweepstakes. The sneaker brand recently unveiled a sneak peek at Wembanyama’s upcoming “Alien” logo. At a sneaker expo in Paris, Nike recently unveiled an ultra-futuristic prototype shoe for the Spurs player.

AI and Nike research laboratories created the sneaker. The shoe is fluffy, almost marshmallow-like, and has a white top. As is customary with Nike Air, it also has a sizeable orange airbag. The airbag, nevertheless, is positioned closer to the center of the shoe.

There are no laces on the shoe, either. One classic component is still present: the recognizable Nike swoosh. There’s no indication of when the “A.I.R.” will be out or whether Victor Wembanyama will blow them away. It might take years before the shoe is developed.

LeBron James was among several who referred to Wembanyma as “Alien.” Nike is now using the nickname.

Nike Hasn’t Released Much Info About Victor Wembanyama’s Campaign

During his debut season, Nike hasn’t published many items under Wembanyama’s brand. Now that the phenomenon has lived up to the anticipation, Nike is launching the Frenchman’s debut campaign.

The first Victor Wembanyama trademark sneaker from Nike is anticipated to launch in May. The athlete’s Alien logo, which will be used for his first Nike-branded apparel, was made public by the corporation.

On the day of the solar eclipse in North America, the company unveiled the first teaser and logo for its next sneaker. The video displayed an alien logo-shaped crop circle. Within the alien head logo, there are additional basketball-related components.

During his first year, Victor Wembanyama has been sporting Nike GT Hustle 2 trainers. He did receive an exclusive colorway known as the “Alien.” The sneakers have green accents on a black background.

Victor Wembanyama participated in the creation of his trademark trainer. The basketball player has previously stated that he draws as a pastime, which probably helped with the concepts for his next campaign.


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