VIDEO: Lana Rhoades And Michael Porter Jr. Spill The Beans On NBA Players’ Weird Fetishes That Will Leave Your Jaw On The Floor

Lana Rhoades and Michael Porter jr. talking on a podcast.Lana Rhoades and Michael Porter Jr. (via Curious Mike YouTube)

Denver Nuggets star Michael Porter Jr. has shocked many NBA fans this week with the latest guest he decided to have on his ‘Curious Mike’ podcast: and it was none other than former adult entertainer Lana Rhoades.

In a recent appearance, Rhoades shed light on the misconceptions surrounding her life and the challenges women in the industry face. The most notable part of the interview came later when the former adult star spoke on how NBA players have intense fetishes because normal things do not them off any longer.

Rhoades then revealed that she has met guys who liked to be peed on and some of them purchase cookies with poop in them off of the internet all while watching people poop.

At that moment, Michael Porter Jr. looked uncomfortable as he started to rub the back of his head. However, he would soon start to reveal to Lana Rhoades that he would hear about wild stories involving guys in the league before he began to laugh.

The Denver Nuggets star then stated that straight men in the league have done so much stuff with pretty women that they begin to do other things with transgenders or just outright messing with other men.

Rhoades also spoke about the negative aspects of the adult film industry, and she addressed a common misperception about herself.

Lana stated, “I did porn before, so people automatically assume that I’m going to like sleep with people or like that I’ve slept with, like, all the NBA players that I’ve hung out with,” Rhoades said, via

Rhoades further mentioned, “I’ve never slept with any of them besides the one that I have a kid with. But none of these guys have gotten upset with me for not sleeping with them no matter, like, what they had bought me or, like, we’ve gone on trips together… We end up having, like, a respectful good, friendship.”

Lana Rhoades Allegedly Has A Child By An Unknown NBA Star

Lana Rhoades posing

For years, NBA fans have been keeping tabs on Lana Rhoades as she reportedly had a child by an NBA player but she has never revealed the person for unknown reasons.

Rhoades claimed she dated one of the Nets players in 2021, and fans had pointed the finger at Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin as the potential fathers of her firstborn but nothing has ever been verified.










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