VIDEO: Nebraska Head Coach Matt Rhule Reveals Story About How Bill Belichick Completely Embarrassed Him

Photos of Matt Rhule and Bill Belichick speaking to reportersMatt Rhule and Bill Belichick (Getty Images)

Bill Belichick embarrassed Matt Rhule at a recent clinic, and the Nebraska head coach had no shame in admitting how the former’s intelligence put him and his Cornhuskers staffers in the shade.

Belichick won’t be working in the NFL this year following a mutual split from the New England Patriots, but that hardly means he won’t be spreading his knowledge and making people feel dumb.

Rhule invited the former Pats HC to a recent coaching clinic and had to try to get him to slow down after he spoke for four-and-a-half hours before the event even got started.

The Nebraska coach detailed the experience in front of reporters this week.

He is so smart, has seen so much that he can make the complex so simple that it humbles you and embarrasses you. I was embarrassed yesterday listening to him, how smart he is, how simple it was,” he said.

Rhule waxed lyrical over Belichick’s vast experience and his ability to dumb things down.

You have this man who’s a savant,” he added. “He’s been a defensive coordinator; he’s been a special teams coordinator; he could be an offensive coordinator; he’s been a head coach twice; he’s been a GM. And he’s talking about football in a way that illuminates things and makes things so simple that you’re like, ‘Oh my goodness.’”

He would also add that Belichick would have dispersed even more information if he didn’t have to slow down to make sure everyone understood what he was saying.

Bill Belichick Shocked Everyone This Year

Bill Belichick surprisingly came out of the most recent NFL hiring cycle without a job.

Everyone expected him to walk into a new team after his departure from the Patriots at the end of the season, but that’s not how things unfolded.

The 71-year-old was reportedly set to take over the Atlanta Falcons vacancy after multiple meetings with the owners. Most sources claimed only a few small details needed to be ironed out before he was hired, however, the team chose to go in a different direction as they hired Raheem Morris instead.

Belichick will likely be a top candidate for the vacancies that will pop up in the next offseason. In the meantime, he’ll be embarrassing people.

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