VIDEO: NFL Fans Are Blasting Aaron Rodgers After He Outdid Himself Once Again With The Most Absurd Statement Ever

Aaron Rodgers looks on while wearing a Jets cap.Aaron Rodgers (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

Another week, another instance of New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers floating ridiculous conspiracy theories.

Just last week, Aaron Rodgers made headlines when he a) claimed that the CIA and FBI were involved in the assassinations of Robert F. Kennedy and John F. Kennedy b) U.S. President Joe Biden isn’t a real person.

Well, the 40-year-old Rodgers was at it again during his recent appearance on Eddie Bravo’s “Look Into It” podcast. There, the future Hall of Famer claimed that the U.S. government created HIV/AIDS to start a pandemic.

“The blueprint, the gameplan, was made in the ’80s. Create a pandemic, with a virus that’s going wild…(Dr. Anthony) Fauci was given like over $350 million to research this. To come up with drugs, new or repurposed, to handle the AIDS pandemic.

And all they came up….was AZT. And I know I’m not an epidemiologist. I’m not a doctor…I can read though. I can learn and look things up just like any normal person. I can do my own research…but that was the gameplan back then. Create an environment where only one thing works.”

Rodgers then discussed vaccines, calling Pfizer “one of the most criminally corrupt organizations ever.” The four-time league MVP concluded his rant by asking why people put “full trust in science that can’t be questioned.”

You can watch Rodgers’ comments below (WARNING, VIDEO CONTAINS LANGUAGE THAT IS NSFW):

And as you would have guessed, social media wasted no time ripping Rodgers apart for his latest conspiracy theory endorsement:

On top of all these conspiracy theories, Aaron Rodgers has also spread misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines and falsely stated that Jimmy Kimmel was on the client list of disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein.

Rodgers’ comments on Kimmel were made on “The Pat McAfee Show”. Kimmel called out Rodgers on X/Twitter and ripped on the Jets QB during his talk show soon after, and McAfee later announced that Rodgers wouldn’t appear on his show for the rest of the year.

Aaron Rodgers Doesn’t Care About Backlash

Whether fans like it or not, this is who Aaron Rodgers is. He may be a joy to watch on the field for millions of fans, but he also isn’t apologetic for expressing his opinions and support of conspiracy theories.

It’s rather obvious that the Jets haven’t done much, if anything, to get Rodgers to tone it town. It seems as though they’re fine putting up with his unnecessary off-the-field comments and distractions as long as he finds a way to help them win football games.


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