VIDEO: Taylor Rooks Had Social Media Going Crazy Over Her Wardrobe Malfunction That Showed Everything

Taylor Rooks poses for the cameras on the red carpet.

Taylor Rooks has had social media going crazy before, but this time, it looked and felt so much different.

On Thursday, Taylor Rooks shared her GQ Creativity Awards ensemble on Instagram, which featured her rocking a forest green dress bedazzled in emeralds and rainforest topaz.

Rooks, who is the Feature Reporter on Amazon’s Thursday Night Football broadcast, also had her hair in a short bob style, but it was the forest green dress that stole the show.

Many fans were convinced that Rooks had suffered a wardrobe malfunction as it seemed her bare chest could be seen through that dress. A lot of them took to X and responded to what they saw:

Just one look at the dress seems to show that the light hit her dress just right, and things she had no clue would be showing, most certainly when she got out in public and under a different light. Now, we see why so many athletes she interviews get in front of her and state the most insane things that come to their minds.

Joy Taylor and Taylor Rooks Had Fans Going Crazy Announcing New Business Venture

Taylor Rooks (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
Taylor Rooks of TNT Sports and Prime Video and Fox Sports personality Joy Taylor had fans going insane after announcing the launch of a podcast together. They announced the launch of Two Personal with a preview video on their YouTube channel.

The hosts agreed that they wanted to do more than just talk about sports, which means touching on controversial topics, which include mental health and discrimination, as well as a wide variety of social issues.

The podcast is released every Wednesday and promises to feature a wide variety of “high-profile special guests.”



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