VIDEO: The Entire Internet Is Cringing Over NFL Draft Ad That Features Awkward Interaction Between Eminem and Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell sitting next to EminemRoger Goodell and Eminem (Photo via @Eminem/Twitter)

The NFL Draft is taking place in Detroit this year, so who better to represent the city than rapper Eminem?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell seems to agree with that sentiment as he’s shot some commercials with the veteran MC ahead of this week’s mega event.

While he was nowhere near Taylor Swift last season, as far as sports/music crossovers go, Eminem was a huge presence during the Detroit Lions’ run to the NFC Championship game, with the team having improved leaps and bounds under head coach Dan Campbell.

The rapper has appeared in a new NFL Draft ad alongside Goodell in which he’s heard asking the Commissioner whether he feels he’d make a good quarterback before Goodell reminds him that he would have to go to college first.

Check it out right below:

Some fans thought it was cringeworthy, but most of them were just looking for the hip-hop legend to release a new album. You can see some reactions right below:

There’s More From Eminem And Roger Goodell

Eminem has appeared in another draft promo alongside Goodell.

Last Friday, his producer and Shady Records co-founder Paul Rosenberg shared a video of Em and Goodell sitting beside each other for a different ad.

We’re so fired up this year for the NFL Draft,” the rapper said after introducing himself and Goodell.

Live from the D!” Goodell shouts, pumping a fist in the air.

You can just say Detroit,” a confused Eminem points out.

Goodell corrects himself before the MC asks, “Am I being Punk’d?

Eminem has also teased that he could be involved in the Draft following an announcement from Big Sean, who announced he will be performing before the first round.


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