VIDEO: TNT Cameras Did Zion Williamson So Dirty After Someone Threw A Chicken Wing Onto The Court During Pelicans-Kings Game

Zion Williamson in gameZion Williamson (Photo via Barstool on X)

Zion Williamson can never catch a break even when he is just minding his business.

On Thursday night, legendary announcer Kevin Harlan was on call for the game between the New Orleans Pelicans and the Sacramento Kings. While up double digits and clearly getting ready to get a huge road victory, someone inside Golden 1 Center was so upset that they hurled a piece of chicken onto the court to show their displeasure with how the game was going.

Zion Williamson was on the court at that time.

The 63-year-old Harlan did not miss a beat in the game’s final seconds as he spoke about the chicken being thrown on the floor as it was actually part of the basketball game.

“There’s something on the floor. Forty-six seconds to go, and the whistle blew,” Harlan said, per Bleacher Report. “It’s a chicken wing. Why would someone throw something that good out on the floor? It’s crispy. It’s warm, and I almost had to go out — I’m so hungry. Who’s that guy? I hope he eats it.”

What made this moment a classic one was TNT cameras cutting to Zion Williamson right after that chicken was thrown on the court.

As for the game, CJ McCollum and Zion Williamson each scored 31 points, and the New Orleans Pelicans beat Sacramento 135-123 on Thursday night to complete a five-game season sweep of the Kings.

Williamson, who added six assists, four rebounds, three steals, and a block, almost did not finish the game as he went to the locker room in the first half but ultimately returned to score 23 points in the second half.

Zion Williamson Has Had Prior Critics Calling Out His Love of Food And His Weight

Zion Williamson (Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images)
Williamson has faced a lot of scrutiny from both basketball commentators and his fellow NBA players for his weight and love of food since being drafted into the NBA.

His weight and overall fitness level led to rumors that the Pelicans were unhappy with his diet.

NBA greats Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley have spoken about it, as have ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith.

For his part, Williamson has responded back.

“All I can do is control the things I can control. Lock in on myself. Lock in on my teammates, coaches, and everybody with the Pelicans,” he said back in December via

“If it comes from a place where they just wanna see me do better, thank you,” he added. “But if it comes from anywhere else, everybody (is) entitled to their own opinion. Can’t control that.”

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