VIDEO: Tom Brady Unleashes Harsh Message Towards The Younger Generation Of Football Players

Tom Brady during a play with the BuccaneersTom Brady (via Getty Images)

Tom Brady is widely considered the best player to ever play football, and it’s for good reason. He played for 22 seasons and won 7 Super Bowl rings while playing for the New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Brady has continued to add to his storied career off the field. He has gone around different media outlets to do many interviews after signing a $375 million broadcasting deal with FOX Sports shortly after his retirement. His media tour recently included a message that he wanted to send to the younger football players.

The GOAT was recently on the VicBlends podcast to receive a fresh cut from the celebrity barber, and he got into a conversation about the new generation of players. Brady stated, “The biggest problem with a lot of [expletive] kids these days is that it’s all about me.”

He continued by adding that “the point of life is to help others.” It may be one of the biggest cliches ever; however, coming from Tom Brady, it’s advice that the NFL’s next generation shouldn’t take for granted.

Tom Brady Is Giving Advice To The Next Generation Of NFL Stars

Brady’s NFL career was full of highs and lows; the former happened more often, and it’s because of his generosity when being offered contracts that he was successful in 22 seasons as the face of the NFL.

Brady was always careful about what he attached his name to, and it seems that isn’t the case with many of today’s stars. Brady called out this fact, stating, “It’s all about their brand, [and] their social media.”

As we all know, it doesn’t take more than a brand to be successful in today’s day and age of sports. But the success doesn’t last long. Brady’s longevity is a testament to his ways of living, taking care of himself, and even monetizing himself, and it’s something that many young athletes should pay attention to.


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