Jake Paul gets slammed by Oscar De La Hoya for ‘not serious’ Mike Tyson fight


Legendary boxer Oscar De La Hoya didn’t hold back when discussing Jake Paul‘s upcoming bout against Mike Tyson this summer, reported by MMA Fighting.While acknowledging Paul’s efforts to bring attention to the sport and his promotion company’s goals to support fighters, De La Hoya criticized the matchup as not being serious.De La Hoya expressed his admiration for Jake Paul’s endeavors but emphasized the importance of taking the sport seriously.

He highlighted that while fighting Mike Tyson might attract significant attention and money, it doesn’t align with the path taken by serious contenders aiming for world championships.

De La Hoya stressed the significance of facing top-ranked opponents to earn respect from the fight fans and establish credibility in the sport.

De La Hoya said: “I actually like Jake Paul for what he’s doing and the attention he’s bringing to the sport and what he wants to do with his promotion company and help the fighters, I love that. But he also talks about being a world champion and taking it serious, well this is not serious.

Fighting a Mike Tyson, yeah I can understand it’s a lot of money, it’s going to attract a lot of eyeballs its great, but the only critique I have for Jake Paul is, if you want to take the sport serious than take the route that world champions take, you know fighting Top 20, Top 10, Top 5, and eventually becoming the mandatory to the world champion.

That’s how you do it, that’s how you gain the respect from the fight fans.”

Renowned MMA journalist Ariel Helwani weighed in on the Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson fight, providing insights into the potential nature of the matchup.

According to Helwani, the fight is expected to be treated as a real bout, without headgear, although the final decision rests with the Boxing Commission.

What to expect from Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson

Jake Paul Mike Tyson

Despite the anticipation surrounding the event, uncertainties linger regarding the fight’s classification. Fighters involved remain unsure whether the bout will be considered a genuine professional boxing match or an exhibition.

De La Hoya’s stance emphasizes the importance of Jake Paul engaging in legitimate boxing matches against current professional fighters rather than high-profile exhibition bouts.

De La Hoya’s critique underscores the significance of Jake Paul taking on genuine challenges within the boxing world. While exhibition matches may offer financial incentives and media attention, they may not contribute to Paul’s credibility as a serious boxer.

To earn the respect of the fight community and establish himself as a legitimate contender, Paul must navigate the ranks by facing top-ranked opponents and working his way towards championship contention.

Oscar De La Hoya’s remarks regarding Jake Paul’s fight against Mike Tyson highlight the tension between spectacle and authenticity in boxing.

While Paul’s efforts to draw attention to the sport are commendable, De La Hoya emphasizes the importance of taking the sport seriously and pursuing genuine challenges within the professional boxing landscape.

As the boxing world awaits further clarity on the nature of the bout, the debate surrounding Jake Paul’s boxing career continues to unfold.

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