Jake Paul’s Girlfriend, Renowned for Her Irresistible Allure and Charm, Enforces Strict Ban on Intimate Activities

For many, the answer is yes, while others argue it doesn’t matter much. Jake and girlfriend Rose have been distant for weeks now According to martial arts coach BJ Flores, “intimacy” affects athletes’ performance, so he’s asked his student Jake Paul to steer clear of his girlfriend ahead of his rematch with Tyron Woodley on December 19.

The showdown, set to take place in Florida, USA, is a rematch following Jake Paul’s controversial win in August, where many speculated that Woodley took money to lose to the YouTuber with over 20 million followers.

Previously, Jake Paul was scheduled to fight Tommy Fury, but the younger brother of heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury suffered an injury, leading to Woodley being chosen as his replacement.

Despite facing a former opponent again, Jake is training rigorously and avoiding “intimacy” with his fiery girlfriend, Julia Rose. This move by Jake brings to mind Floyd Mayweather, who, before his fight with Jake’s brother, Logan Paul, also asked his girlfriend to leave the mansion so he could focus on training.

Jake spoke to Graham Bensinger about the “isolation” from his girlfriend: “Every fighter is different. Many fighters are affected by it (intimacy), including me, and I’m 100% sure. After I ‘show affection’ to my girlfriend, my coach notices a difference in my strength.”

Paul is engaged to Rose, and the couple often shares steamy photos on their social media, but recently, they haven’t been as close. It’s only after the December 19 fight that they’ll have the chance to be close again.

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