Lennox Lewis breaks his silence on Mike Tyson’s fight with Jake Paul after shock news his old rival, 57, would come out of retirement this summer… as he insists he doesn’t want the YouTuber to ‘get hurt’

Boxing legend Lennox Lewis has given his thoughts on the shock news his old nemesis Mike Tyson will face YouTuber Jake Paul in an exhibition this summer.

Tyson, 57, and Paul, 27, left fans stunned with an announcement that they would fight in Dallas on July 20 in an exhibition streamed live on Netflix – despite an age gap of 30 years between them.

The surprising match-up, which is being held at the 80,000-seater AT&T Stadium in Texas, has led to a string of criticism from fans and figures in boxing alike – with Eddie Hearn among the sceptics after calling the event ‘really sad’ for the sport.

Tyson himself has defended the bout and hit out at ‘jealous’ critics, claiming that very few people could sell out an 80,000-capacity arena at his age.

And Lewis – who fought Tyson in 2002, knocking him out in the eighth round to retain his three world title belts – has now broken his silence on the showdown after questions over whether it was good for boxing.

Boxing legend Lennox Lewis has broken his silence on Mike Tyson’s fight with Jake Paul

The pair will face each other in Dallas this summer in an exhibition fight aired live on Netflix


Lewis – who knocked out Tyson in 2002 – said he was ‘looking forward’ to the fight

But the former undisputed heavyweight king insists he is actually in favour of the fight and is excited about tuning in.

He added that the fact the bout will be an exhibition and not a professional fight was a good thing, otherwise he would have feared for Paul’s safety.

‘It’s going to be a great fight, I am looking forward to it,’ Lewis told TMZ.

‘No [I’m not upset about it not being a professional bout], because I would feel really bad for Jake Paul. I don’t want him to get hurt.’

In addition to Hearn’s criticism of the fight, UFC star Conor McGregor has also confirmed he is not a fan of the showdown.

The fight has received huge criticism with an age gap of 30 years between the fighters

‘Oh jeez,’ the Irishman said when asked what he thought about the fight – via Happy Punch.

‘It’s a bit strange, you know. My interest is low. I don’t know. I don’t understand it.

‘I wish well for Mike [Tyson].’

Despite Paul being much less experienced, he said he was confident of a knockout when announcing the fight.

‘It’s time to put Iron Mike to sleep,’ he said.

‘My sights are set on becoming a world champion, and now I have a chance to prove myself against the greatest heavyweight champion ever, the baddest man on the planet and the most dangerous boxer of all time. This will be the fight of a lifetime.’

The high-profile fight will take place with no headgear, with Tyson the heavy favorite to win

Tyson, meanwhile, admitted he was ‘scared to death’ but insisted fans would witness a ‘real fight’ despite it being an exhibition.

‘This is a fight, he told Fox News. ‘I don’t think he’s faster than me. I’ve seen a YouTube video of him at 16 doing weird dancing. That’s not the guy I’m fighting. This is a guy who’s going to try and hurt me, which I’m accustomed to, and he’s going to be greatly mistaken.’

When asked by the news anchor if Tyson would ‘kick his a**’, the hall of famer boxer was bullish, but said he was still ‘scared to death’ ahead of the summer fight.

‘Right now, I’m scared to death,’ he added. ‘As the fight gets closer, the less nervous I become because it’s reality, and in reality I’m invincible

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