Mike Tyson Reacts to Jake Paul cancelling their fight after being KO in sparring session

The already volatile feud between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson took another explosive turn when a new training video surfaced, this time featuring Iron Mike himself.

The video released by Tyson’s Camp showcased the legendary fighter hitting the mitts with impressive speed and power, a testament to his dedication despite his age. However, the internet’s reaction was divided.

Fans of Tyson were heartened, seeing glimpses of the ferocious fighter he once was. But for Jake Paul, it was an opportunity to stir the pot once again.

In a now-viral tweet, Paul posted a side-by-side comparison of himself and Tyson from their respective training videos. His caption read, “Looks like someone finally hired a decent cameraman, still slow motion though.

July 20th KO day three Mikey Mikey, your hands can’t hit what your eyes can’t see.” The tweet was met with immediate backlash. Critics slammed Paul for his disrespect, accusing him of diminishing Tyson’s efforts. Former champions came to Tyson’s defense, reminding Paul of the respect one owes a legend like Tyson.

But Paul, ever the master of social media manipulation, remained unfazed. In a follow-up video, he addressed the controversy directly. “Look,” he said, “I respect what Mike Tyson has accomplished.

He’s a legend, no doubt about it. But this is 2024, not 1986. Father time is undefeated, and it’s caught up with him. Those fancy camera angles can’t hide the fact that he’s slow, predictable, and way past his prime.”

Paul’s comments sparked outrage, but they also achieved their intended effect. They kept the fight in the headlines, fueled the narrative of a disrespectful young upstart challenging a fading legend. Whether it was a genuine assessment or a calculated insult, it undeniably got under Tyson’s skin.

Tyson’s response was swift and brutal. He released a new video, this one devoid of fancy editing or camera tricks. It was raw, unadulterated training footage of Tyson hitting the heavy bag with bone-crunching power, sweat dripping from his brow.

There were no captions, no taunts, just a silent message: Mike Tyson was ready, and he wasn’t taking Paul’s disrespect lightly.

The internet went silent. The bravado of Paul’s earlier tweet was replaced by a sense of foreboding. The fight, already brimming with intrigue, now had an added layer of tension.

Would Paul regret his words when he stepped into the ring with a re-energized Mike Tyson? Or would his youthful confidence and social media savvy propel him to a shocking upset? Only the bell on July 20th could answer these questions.

But one thing was for certain: the war of words had escalated into a battle of wills, a clash of generations that promised to be nothing short of explosive.

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