Social Media Is Clowning Former NFL RB LeSean McCoy After He Made One Of The Worst Bets In History On The Ryan Garcia-Devin Haney Fight

Photo of Ryan Garcia fighting Devin Haney and photo of LeSean McCoy posingRyan Garcia vs. Devin Haney, LeSean McCoy (Photos via Getty Images)

Devin Haney isn’t the only one licking his wounds this Sunday; former NFL star LeSean McCoy took a huge L from the fight as well.

McCoy went all in on Haney to beat Ryan Garcia on Saturday night, placing a massive bet on the 25-year-old. But he might not have done the math on that one, given that he bet $250K for a payout of $275K.

Who bets that much to win $25K?

The former running back shared a screenshot of his Fanatics Sportsbook betting slip, showing he took the -1000 odds on Haney, the overwhelming favorite.

Unfortunately for Haney and McCoy, Garcia, a +600 underdog, pulled off an impressive win.

lol damn win some lose some I just got cooooked,” McCoy posted after the bout.

Of course, social media let him have it. You can see some of the best reactions below:

LeSean McCoy Could Probably Afford To Lose $250K On A Failed Bet

LeSean McCoy had a very successful NFL career and is reportedly worth $14 million right now. He has been working steadily since retiring, so he could well afford to risk a quarter mil on a boxing match. Still, no one’s ever going to be happy about losing that much money, no matter how rich they are.

As for the fight itself, Garcia shocked the world by putting Haney on the mat three times before being named the winner.

He got docked a point by the referee after hitting his opponent with a right while he was on the way down to the mat in the seventh round, but he got him back down there on two more occasions.

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